Restoring Solidarity

Saturday 11th May 2024, The Mockingbird Cinema, Birmingham, 13:00 - 15:15

Mohanad Yaqubi’s R21 aka Restoring Solidarity (2023) reflects on a collection of twenty 16mm films, safeguarded in Tokyo by the Japanese solidarity movement with Palestine. By synthesising these archival resistance films into a montage essay and foregrounding the process of digitisation and restoration, R21 aka Restoring Solidarity simultaneously acts as a catalogue, time machine and archive.

This screening will be followed by an audio performance by sound artist Bint Mbareh. Bint Mbareh makes music and sound because she believes their uses can still be evoked, rather than remembered. She now studies death and rebirth as analogies for necessary communal upheavals, still looking for these significations in Palestinian landscape, now in the shrine of Nabi-Musa (AS), the prophet Moses.

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